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street harassment stems from the view that the public still belongs to men and women are enroaching on their territory when we exist outside of the home

Surely you would have empirical evidence to back such a claim?

Engaging with an anti-feminist is like, always futile but would the Harvard Law Review suffice as an acceptable source? The journal article has a few other sources as footnotes.

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Help me write my novel


I am writing a novel inspired by a psychosis. Last summer I wrote 50,000 words that functions as an effective first draft. It is reflective of my journey through mental illness, spiritual unwellness, gender and sexuality. Instead of telling the story of my illness, I am telling the story of what my illness was trying to tell me.

In the world I create women are afflicted with a spiritual block, which hides their true nature from themselves and others. Something happens that disrupts this blockage and woman are plunged into a spiritual plane of existence, exiting the physical world. Some left completely, both their bodies and minds ejected from this reality. Others, leave their bodies behind. Some perhaps, their spirits.

The story starts with this aburpt rift, and what follows is the journey back into the physical realm and the experiences of people as they navigate this landscape where the gender spectrum has been put on an axis of physical to non-physical, including some poly characters, religious, ex-religious, genderfluid, gay, trans, asexual, etc …. what may at first seem like a clear division between the physical and spiritual worlds unravels, as all characters are affected by the exodus of “femininity” and what that means to them in their day-to-day lives, where many people (the bulk of humanity) try to go on like this is normal.

This could turn into a 5-book series, released in two sets, the first two books and then later the final 3 books.


Peace & love

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This is me.

Me when I got my period:

Well, I guess I didn’t immaculately conceive the Antichrist.

My partner:

There’s always next month

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Having your BMI within the ‘acceptable’ range means you can be assured that campaigns about body acceptance and unrealistic beauty standards in the media are for you.  Having your BMI within the ‘acceptable’ range means that people will reassure you that you’re not ‘fat’ because you don’t look like a supermodel, and that feel-good speeches and ad campaigns about body image will tell you that you have every right to love your body as it is and accept and rejoice in your imperfections, that having a ‘muffin top’ or a ‘little extra weight’ in certain parts of your body is okay and natural and something you don’t need to fight because it doesn’t mean you’re fat. 

Because, of course, if you are fat those speeches and campaigns aren’t for you.  Instead you are the dreaded ‘too far in the other direction’ of those campaigns, and you sure as hell should be changing yourself.

I couldn’t love my body and be comfortable and confident in myself until I lost weight, and I live in constant fear of gaining it back.  Since I am a woman, I am still constantly bombarded with messages that I need to change my appearance and do this or that to be more acceptable, and I still have times when I have poor self image, but it is so different from when I was ‘overweight’.  Now, I’m reassured by people that I can love myself because I’m not fat.  I’m reassurred that it’s okay to not hate my thighs, my tummy, my breasts, because not looking like a supermodel doesn’t mean I’m fat.

Thin privilege is being encouraged to love and accept your body for what it is, thin privilege is having sympathy and reassurance extended to you when unrealistic societal standards lower your body image self esteem, thin privilege is being told that no matter how poorly you feel, you deserve to love yourself and your body because hey, it’s not like you’re fat. 

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I got laid off yesterday. Which is, good.

My last day at my current job is Aug 7…. Still a ways off, and I have much I need to do for the new person.

Work is the only place I’m not out as Paint and I figure its easier to just leave and start my new job as Paint, whatever that will be.

But its hard, because I know what I need to do with my life is write my novel and basically I need to do whatever I can to pay rent & feed myself while I write. Something that doesn’t take a lot of my psychological/emotional energy.

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Hailey Gama


Hailey Gama

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OkCupid is wild

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grassy snuggles

I must find this grass and take a nap in it!! It looks like a fluffy ocean

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i want

to be able

to consume comedic content

without being constantly braced for a “joke”

in which people like me are the punchline.

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